To register and pay the $15 submission fee, visit the home page and click "Submit Feature" and follow the steps. This is where you upload all material/media and information regarding your feature and pay all at once. For facebook, several photos and a video may be included in one feature. For our website, you may only choose one photo to represent your feature. Please include a summary in your feature as well. 


Once I have received your feature, I will then post it on Sustainable Living's facebook group 24-36 hours later (to allow time between new features). Your feature gets posted in the facebook group as an announcement pinned to the top of the page as well as on our official website. As long as it's regarding the same feature, your files/media may differ in nature between the group and the website, as you may want it to appear on the website differently than how it is presented in the group.


Your feature remains on the announcement list in the group permanently (and on our website permanently) although it will be placed below the next announcement that gets pinned. Minor edits to the features may be made by messaging me either on facebook or by email. You cannot change it completely to feature something different.


  1. How do I feature my sustainable business on your group page and website?

  2. How often does our feature go up on your FB group page?

  3. How often can we change our feature?


You can't swap different visuals/different products for the same feature without incurring a small EDIT fee ($5.00 USD).


Requests to edit text such as your contact info, website, or other changes, or time sensitive/seasonal promotions that are no longer relevant, etc. are free of charge and you may email me directly at


Just one clarification please… 


You said…  "You cannot change it completely to feature something different”


We plan on featuring our small business as the focus and that all our products are environmentally friendly. BUT we would like to change the visuals themselves from time to time to highlight a different product (sometimes a towel or sometimes an apron) 


Is that something you allow by swapping out the image / visual file?