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Help our Planet by saying NO to single use chopsticks and plastic straws! ChopStraw is the first sustainable and reusable 2-in-1 chopstick/straw combination available to the World!

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Are you searching for the best way to start living sustainably? Are you struggling to convince your family and friends to live sustainably? Chances are that you and your family and friends have started living sustainably in some way since socially distancing this year. Join this free workshop on October 24th. Learn more about empowering yourself and others to live sustainably. Come to share how you started your journey. If you are just beginning, create your sustainable living plan. We will share how we have changed our lives and choices to be healthier and more responsible consumers. Add your name to the list of attendees to join the session or receive the recording if you cannot attend live. Receive our beautifully crafted Sustainable Living Calendar and 52 card pack with suggested behavior changes to support your sustainable lifestyle. I look forward to learning with and from you! Visit us to register.

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Recently we celebrated the first International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste!


🌀 The number of people affected by hunger has been increasing since 2014. Every day, tons of food are lost or wasted throughout the supply chain, resulting in a 24% loss (in calories). Challenges in distribution have also increased with the pandemic. The resources used to produce the food also go to waste. We could even reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 5,600 megatonnes by reducing loss and waste.


🌀 Some of the inefficiencies in distribution could be addressed by: - Enabling homes to more easily grow food (with the help of automation, efficiency, and local fabrication of supplies) - Having homes supply fresh food directly to tables (restaurants and homes) - Having farms supply fresh food to directly to tables - Surplus food from farms, groceries, and homes going directly to food banks


🌀 Ecoterium rewards activities and offers products and services that can help. These activities fall into the categories below: - Automation of tasks such as the watering of food crops - Local fabrication - Fostering the practice of gifting, to ultimately create a gift economy - Generating energy locally


🌀 Subscribe to our newsletter, and learn how you can help with rewarding activities related to food production and distribution! 


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Going Green Show

Going Green is excited to talk to Austin Kasso about his experience using digital media in a sustainable world.

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With Sustainabode, you can run your home on 100% renewable energy, today. Just $6 a month. Fight climate change, reduce pollution, and expedite the growth of green energy. Renewable energy made simple. Even if you can't put solar panels on your roof, you can still use green energy. Sustainabode lets you use green power from wind and solar farms in the US. The money you spend goes back to these green energy producers to help add more zero carbon power to the grid, faster. We even include swag with every subscription to make it easy to let your friends and neighbors know about your support.

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Eris EcoVation

Eris EcoVation Healing Homes, Communities, and Curbside Wellness Machines are thoughtfully designed, LEED Certified, and built for the future. Responsibly re-purposing shipping containers into sustainable, low maintenance, solid steel investments that redefine standards, exceed expectations, and #ContainTheCrisis

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Set To Camp

This website is dedicated to helping families and others equip themselves for camping without a trailer. Discover tips & tricks and more! You may also download their Eco-friendly Camping Guide which includes reducing camping waste.

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Eco Conduct (Mailers)

Eco Conduct Zero Waste Mailers - Mailers That Clean The Ocean! Home compostable mailers made from plant-based resins to replace the petroleum-based plastic mailers. Eco Conduct's zero-waste mailer breaks down into non-toxic fertilizers within 45 days when placed in an ideal composting environment. 50% of profit will go to ocean cleaning initiatives. Now available on Indiegogo! The conventional petroleum-based plastic mailers are generally not accepted by the kerbside recycling program. These plastic mailers eventually end up in the landfills which take decades to degrade into micro-plastics that pollute our environment and water supply. Some plastics also end up in our waterways which pollute the oceans and harming the sea habitats. Our missions are to reduce plastic waste and to restore the beauty of nature. Help us to achieve our missions by sharing our campaign or pre-ordering our mailers! Together we can make a difference!

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Planet Food (Book)

The food industry ranks first in all significant environmental impacts such as climate change, land and forest degradation. We can all fight climate and environmental crisis by making wise decisions, every day, every meal.

Author: Thierry Nowaczyk

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Joe and Jason interview Alec and Kelly of Small Axe Farms about their sustainable farming initiatives. Topics covered include grass farming and grazing of cows, sheep, goats, and pigs in a low energy consumption, sustainable, ethical, community based way. This regenerative agriculture approach is not only good for the farmers, the animals, and their community, but also rebuilds the land and sequesters carbon in the land.

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We’re here to help the transition into a less wasteful and more efficient community. That's the reason the humble Honey Bee is our muse. An extremely efficient superorganism who, when in danger and need to protect their society, swarm. We want a ‘swrm’ of environmentally and socially minded people working towards a sustainable future for life on this planet.

The data within our App has been collected and collated over many years. Seriously. But we're sure you'd agree that the planet’s future is worth the time we’ve put in. The fact that you want to help means that you’re satisfaction is worth the time spent too. You need to trust the data (which you can, by the way) and be happy with the product you use. Can human civilization count on you to join the swrm?  

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We Are Ergo

WeAreErgo is a tech start up that puts Ethics at the heart of consumer activities. We score and rank searched products based on the impact they have to our planet and global community. 


Currently we have the back end built and are now developing the front end, and we want to raise support and crowd fund to cover our team's expenses. We are not seeking investment as we wish to maintain our integrity and ethos. 

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I took months to find a small, sustainable, ethical, family run bamboo farm in Vietnam. This is where our BAMBOO products are sourced and manufactured.


Our other non-bamboo products - the metal razor, toothpaste tablets and new silicone Eco Lids, are manufactured in Germany and Switzerland.


The products are then ordered in bulk and transported by RAIL, to the UK. Rail travel releases by far the least emissions, despite taking the longest amount of time.


We then use Royal Mail to fulfil our orders in the UK and EU as they prioritize low emissions vehicles for their logistics and are affordable.


All of our products are plastic-free and arrive in 100% recyclable mailing bags with a biodegradable mailing sticker attached.


We plant a tree for every order we get and for every 50 followers we get on Instagram.

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At MAINTENANT Sustaining Now, we are running a crowdfunding campaign to help bring more Sustainability Science Educational e-Funbooks to the table. We have already released our first DIVERSITY DECK® Funbook about the Biosphere, but we need the community's support to produce 12 more Funbooks (such as the Cryosphere and Lithosphere Funbooks) in order to reach and influence more people! We thrive to take people on an impressive learning journey about the deepest depth of the planet to the vast corner of outer space, all the while staying at home! As a THANK YOU for our pledges, we have plenty of rewards waiting for you including our Sustainability DIVERSITY DECK® card games! For any further inquiries please contact us on:

We would greatly appreciate it if you could support our mission by sharing our crowdfunding campaign with your network and to also pledge yourself! Check out our crowd-funder here:

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Cut the Crap

Welcome to Cut the Crap, your sustainability “toolbox” that offers accessible DIYS, motivating personal journey stories, and ways for you to take action at home through petitions, self organizing, and so much more! Whether you are looking to spend 5 minutes or browse for a couple hours, we hope that Cut the Crap! can provide you with the tools and resources necessary to help and inspire you on your sustainability journey.

Cut The Crap was started as a college project for a climate action course that has now evolved into a platform for people from all over the world and at any stage in their journey to see ways to incorporate being activated in the climate movement into your daily (and most likely busy) life!

We would love to stay connected and engaged so make sure to like and follow the page, subscribe to the website and make sure to share with us results of any projects or self-organizing! We are looking to connect with more partners, businesses, and organizations so send a message if you would like to chat!

-Zöe & Bella

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Veri Vera

Our Fall Candle Collection is Here! Enjoy your fall quarantine with a cozy company. Our candles are made with pure soy, all-natural fragrances, and lead-free wicks perfect for a sustainable and healthy fall quarantine indoors!

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My Emissions Label

We offer the first eco-label for food blogs, allowing you to display the environmental impact of your recipes! As people increasingly look to reduce their carbon footprint, we think clear eco-labels will help them make sustainable choices. That's why we've developed an affordable label for food blogs, allowing you to display this information just like with nutritional information. Find out more on our website (including testing recipes with our FREE daily food emissions calculator)

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Kevin Winds Candles

Keeping Nature Relevant with our Natural/Sustainable Smart Candles! Check out our current products at and check our kickstarter to expand the tech! (Debut October 5th) sign up on kickstarter to get notified!

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If you knew you could pull 1KG of plastic from our oceans, WOULD YOU? The stark reality of where our plastic waste (and now PPE and disposable masks!) end up is becoming HARROWING each day. FaceWedge is a sustainable handmade fabric face mask brand that works in collaboration with Seven Clean Seas an environmental agency that removes ocean plastic. Based in South East Asia at the heart of the plastic problem we have removed almost 1000KG of plastic so far. But there is a lot more to go.... there are 150 MILLION METRIC TONNES OF PLASTIC CIRCULATING OUR OCEANS TODAY. By supporting FaceWedge and Seven Clean Seas, you'll be making your own difference and together we will tackle ocean plastic. Proceeds from Every Mask go to Seven Clean Seas and for every 5 masks sold 1 KG of plastic waste ( including damaging fishing nets that are lost or discarded by boats) is pulled from our oceans. Help FaceWedge and Seven Clean Seas Ocean Clean up mission by visiting our site and getting you and your family a set of fabric face masks.

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I’M PLASTIC FREE – THE CONSCIOUS LIVING MARKETPLACE – Can you imagine a world with less dependence on plastic? We can! I’M PLASTIC FREE is Australia's first one-stop online marketplace for ethical, sustainable, plastic free or upcycled products. It works like a "mini Etsy" connecting independent Australian sustainable businesses to eco-conscious consumers. It allows you to buy Australian made products thanks to the filter in the shop as well as by State / Territory or within a 100 km range, thus supporting your local economy. Finding trusted and true eco-friendly products - without greenwashing - has never been easier! Let’s be part of the solution and fight the plastic crisis together. #implasticfree are you?

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Book Sale

Our Peaceful Planet, by Yasmin Davar, contains extraordinary ideas that have the power to transform lives and the planet. It provides a practical healing framework for the whole world, starting at how people can change the beliefs that cause them to be destructive in their own lives and in the world, to the actions that they can take to create global peace and environmental and economic sustainability. As each part of the world—beliefs, governance, environment, industries and economy—dynamically interacts, Our Peaceful Planet provides a complete solution by considering all of those interactions in totality. It contains big ideas for world leaders and little ideas for everyday people, because everyone has the power to make a difference, to themselves and others, and to the world. It is a blueprint for the future in which everyone can play a role. Yasmin Davar reveals how:

• destructive, negative beliefs create pain

• step-by-step, to change beliefs to create peace in one’s own life and in the world

• to play a part in reshaping governance, industrial and economic systems to create the kind of world we all want to live in.


Our Peaceful Planet is for anyone wanting to create peace within their world. Our Peaceful Planet is available through all good online bookstores.

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ENWEAVE, THE MARKETPLACE ON A MISSION. I’m an environmentalist trying to start a “no-profit” marketplace where people can get the sustainable alternative of what they usually buy without spending more money! All profits go to reducing emissions in communities facing environmental injustice and, by offering sustainable products at competitive prices, we can push other companies to do better by the planet. If you want to make it a reality, any donation over $5 gets you a subscription to the marketplace once we launch!

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Ethos is the easiest way for consumers and investors to align their spending with the causes they care about, including climate change and sustainability, racial justice, gender equality, and 40+ other causes. Select the causes you care most about and get personalized recommendations of companies, brands, employers and investments, based on hundreds of credible sources. Completely free.

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Earthly (browser)

Earthly is a browser extension that raises money for climate solution projects every time you open a new browser tab. It replaces the default browser tab with stunning imagery of the planet, daily tips about the environment and discrete ads that make its mission possible. 

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Lifetrees - GROW

Michael Todd and Dr Yoriko Todd are gradually building a collaborative army of people interested in gardening and health. They have at least 6 ways to profit and get involved. Read more here. Their new business is growing fast and you can be involved and profit for a one off payment of only $40. No recruiting required.

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Solar Village

We are looking for residents to join our 102 home sustainable community in the Finger Lakes region of New York. 100% solar powered, electric vehicles, vegetable gardens, village house and community workshops.

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Towers Without Borders

We support Towers Without Borders, a US-based nonprofit organization offering autonomous food security solutions to poverty-stricken communities worldwide.

Towers Without Border's mission is to donate and set up aeroponic Tower Farm systems for disadvantaged communities, and train its residents on how to grow their own food.

Utilizing modern vertical farming technologies to fight world hunger and malnutrition is the main focus of Towers Without Borders.

Towers Without Borders delivers food growing solutions for people in need where farming land is either unavailable or too toxic!


We invite you to support their current projects:

#1) Aeroponic Tower Farm for an orphanage in the slums of Kisumu Kenya (one of the poorest sites in Africa).

#2) Aeroponic Tower Farm in Comuna 13, a poor neighborhood of Medellin Colombia.

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Property Sale

This lovely 1,008 sq ft. 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with darling kitchenette surrounded by greenery is more than just a home. It's a unique opportunity! Come be a part of the beginning phases of creating tribe to help build a community and healing center on this beautiful piece of land.

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Do you find it difficult to search for & compare sustainable products that meet you criteria online?

We are Marisa and Evonne and we want to make it easier to find products that meet our specific criteria. We are used to spending hours online researching if a product is cruelty-free, vegan, contains any harmful ingredients, etc... and want to reduce that time. We are developing an easier, more transparent and info-rich way to search, filter and compare products online. We are starting with makeup and then expanding into other categories. Is that something you might be interested in? We'd love to talk to you and get your feedback about what information you'd like at your fingertips when researching makeup and what other categories you'd like to see us prioritize next (dietary supplements, clothes, food, skincare, etc...).

Please, let us know!

You may leave your information at

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DuraMesh reusable shopping bags are made in the USA, washable, compact and are Guaranteed for 100 Years. All of our shopping bags are hand-sewn from a single cut piece of DuraMesh fabric which eliminates multiple stress points, ensuring an extremely durable shopping bag.

We are a socially minded company and each bag, including our full line of carry cases, are hand sewn at the OCE garment facility in Pendleton, OR. You can learn more about our inspirational relationship with OCE here:

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Sustainable Couple Goals

Sustainable Eco Conscious Beauty products - Top 5 brands!


We are always inspiring our readers to purchase the more, sustainable, eco friendly option.

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SdVForest is an educational platform devoted to teaching anyone with the desire how to live more sustainably, regeneratively, and in balance with nature. Our approach is practical, accessible, and grounded in real-life experience from urban gardening, sustainable building, and large agro-forestry projects. SdVForest is the organic outgrowth of the Sueño de Vida project in Ecuador where we work hands-on for the regeneration of the rain forest. Check out the SDV Garden Guide and Recipes/Life Skills blog under the "Articles" tab for stacks of useful, free information you can start using today!

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The Local Green Pages

The Local Green Pages is a FREE Local, Sustainable and Creative online directory on a mission to help people make better purchase decisions for the environment as well as supporting local. We believe that money is a voting system and so our mission is to make it easier for people to vote for sustainable options as well as unique more treasured products & services. The Local Green Pages is a marketplace for vendors, artisans and creators to list themselves for free, and easily be found by the broader community. From sustainable products, clothing & food, to yoga teachers, healers, textile designers, clowns, musicians & DJ's. The Local Green Pages is for all kinds of conscious people who are looking for an alternative business directory.

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The Environmental and Social Impact Scorecard to connect consumers with businesses that are actually making a positive impact.

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Anvil Straw Bale

Anvil Straw Bale is a small, family-run business, dedicated to teaching people how to build their own straw bale homes. Not only are straw bale houses made from an agricultural waste product, the insulation they provide in a house is unmatched by any man-made alternative. Straw bale houses use far less energy to heat and cool, and even perform well in moderate bush fire scenarios. Our online workshops can teach ANYONE how to build a straw bale home, no matter their prior experience.

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New sustainable 100% recycled hoodies. The campaign is specifically geared towards the homeless. Also, portion of proceeds will go towards ocean clean up organizations.

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Earth Ahead

Please check out, an online store entirely dedicated to all natural, plastic-free eco products. We ship plastic-free using recycled materials, and give back to mother Earth by planting a tree for every order. Special 30% off for Sustainable Living tribe with the code: EarthVibes30 - limited to one use per customer. New products are being added every week. Subscribe on the website to get a biweekly email with new releases.

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Earth Sense Organics

The mission at Earth Sense Organics is to make the highest quality luxury personal care and hair care products that have the highest ethical standards and the most eco-sustainable profile, minimizing our impact on our environment. All products are hand made here in Carcassonne, France. Every product we hand craft uses “Direct From Plant” ingredients and not synthetic or semi synthetic surfactants, colours, perfumes, preservatives or GMO etc. We do not want to copy nature, we just deliver what she provides. All ingredients are Fair Trade or ethically purchased directly from source where possible. Everything we produce is internationally certified by independent NGO bodies.

COSMOS ORGANIC – Cosmecert France Palm Oil Free – POFCAP

Australia Leaping Bunny – Cruelty Free International London.

Our packaging solutions are Zero Waste and 100% compostable, Biodegradable and recyclable. We deliver worldwide via a carbon neutral delivery system. You can buy direct from us and we will do the rest. We are also looking for country partners for distribution and resale of our products via online or bricks and mortar business’.

Come join us and make the difference – One Planet – One Chance – No Plan B

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JWM Textiles

JMW Textiles is a one stop resource for textile and material development for your fashion or accessory designs.  We will work with you to determine the best materials to use for your apparel or accessory product based on it's intended use as well as any other requirements you may have.  Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do-- we ensure that our customer is always well-informed about the environmental impact of the materials being utilized for their product; we can help with writing honest and factual descriptions of the sustainable aspects of your materials and products for marketing purposes.


The JMW Textiles website is also a great resource to learn about the fundamentals of textiles as well as current global achievements in the textile industry.  Check out the blog to learn more!  The Calendar section can be used to find out about upcoming events that are related to textiles and/or sustainability.

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AJ Light Supplies

Hello world! Our mission at AJ Light Supplies is to promote the use of reusable, biodegradable products which are useful in our daily lives. We currently sell beeswax food wraps, hemp-cotton washable make up pads, and exfoliating biodegradable facial konjac sponges.

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Our shirts are made from Hemp, which is the most sustainable fibre on Earth. It is regenerative, grows organically, uses less water, grows fast, and is the most durable natural fibre, so lasts longer. Hemp fabric is perfect for clothing because it is naturally odour resistant, moisture wicking, UV protective, and breathable, making our shirts perfect for everyday and travel. Get your Hempton shirt now at our introductory prices.

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Book Sale

As COVID-19 takes the world by storm, many people feel trapped and helpless. Only some can take control of the situation and make the most of their time in isolation. Nine-year-old George could be considered an example of how every child should feel and act in these uncertain times. Even though George’s world has turned upside down as he’s stuck at home and missing school, he soon adapts to his new life and makes the most of his time at home.

He becomes a great listener and understands why it’s crucial that he follow safe hygiene practices. He becomes more creative and intelligent. He learns empathy and compassion, and for the first time in a long time, he observes the yellow tulips bloom in his backyard and notices squirrels nibbling nuts on a tree trunk. Amidst all this, he becomes resilient and strong, remaining hopeful that it’s only a matter a time before he can go out again and beat coronavirus.

Author: Aine Moorad

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NAC-Klean is an Eco-friendly and sustainable online store. We offer organic/natural and vegan Makeup & Personal Care. Our mission is to help women and men look their best by making conscious choices that benefit their health, lifestyle and the planet. We present you our first project "PURI-BAND", the world's first portable and environmentally friendly hand sanitizer - worn like a watch on your wrist. Tired of wasting precious money on hand sanitizer in harmful plastic bottles? Worried about the state of our planet? This eco-friendly, wearable hand-sanitizing wristband is the safe and stylish solution. Taking travel bottles of hand sanitizer in and out of your bag can undo the good work done by your sanitizer. Reduce the risk of recontaminating your hands using this wearable hand sanitizing wristband. Did you know that up to 10 million empty hand sanitizer and liquid soap bottles used during the coronavirus pandemic are likely to end up in landfill sites just in the UK? “We don’t want one of the lasting legacies of coronavirus to be the vast number of hand sanitizer bottles polluting our oceans and piling up around the world, but unfortunately it will be if we don’t act now.” Mark Hall Claim your 15% off Gift Card for our campaign. Gift cards are available in limited quantities. No payment required.

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